of Freehold, NY (1I5)
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 This page is for info about places to land out -- airports and other places.  Send me your info, and I'll put it up here.  Please give me a date for your visit, because crop conditions change with date.

Tom A. -- Deer Park Airport. 

Looking behind the picture above -- the approach is made over water ...

Delp airport is much bigger and better:

Bill K -- Sky-ranch airport (near Mohawk and Herkimer) (below)
Big.  Looks deserted.  Grass is not mowed but is not high, it doesn't look like a ground-loop hazard.
Below -- looking west.

Below: Sky-ranch, looking east:

Nellis Airport -- an excellent prospect.  West of Fort Plain, south of the Mohawk River.  Runs east from Sanders Road (below):